Introduction to Python


This course introduces the fundamentals of the Python programming language. My goal is to offer a guide to the parts of the Python programming language and its data-oriented library ecosystem and tools that will equip you to become an effective data analyst. This is the Python programming you need for data analysis.

flowchart TD subgraph C["Data Types"] direction LR C1["Numeric Types"] --> C2["Strings"] --> C3["Booleans"] end subgraph D["Data Structures"] direction LR D1["Lists"] --> D2["Tuples"] --> D3["Dictionaries"] --> D4["Sets"] end A["Python as Calculator"] --> B["Python Objects"] --> C --> D click A "./1-simple-calc" click B "./2-objects" click C1 "./3-data-types/#integers-and-floating-point-numbers" click C2 "./3-data-types/#strings" click C3 "./3-data-types/#booleans" click D1 "./4-data-structures/lists" click D2 "./4-data-structures/tuples" click D3 "./4-data-structures/dicts" click D4 "./4-data-structures/sets"